What is it?

It is essentially a demo competition where a group of artists on Echio will choose their favorite demo received over a one-month period. The winning demos will be featured on the Echio Academy compilation, presented by the artists.

How to participate?

Simply send your demo to one of the artists participating in the Echio Academy and wait for the results.

Why do I have to pay?

The Echio Academy is an extension of the Demo Feedback feature. So what you’re paying for is essentially the artist’s feedback, as you would normally do when using this service. Echio is all about supporting artists and paying them fairly. Remember that 80% of what you pay will go to them.

<aside> 💡 More info about the Demo Feedback service.


When will I know if my demo was selected for the Echio Academy compilation?

After the 15th of February, artists will make their choices. We’ll give them one week to decide, and you'll be notified by email if your demo was selected.

What happens if my demo is selected for the Echio Academy compilation?

You’ll have a month to finish the track - if you want to make any changes or additions, perhaps incorporating some advice from the artist’s feedback ;-). You don’t need to send a mastered file, we'll handle proper mastering.

Then the compilation will be released on Bandcamp (date TBC) as a free download and promoted through media.

More questions? Send us a message here.